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Saturday, 31 October 2009

Desktop Virtualization

Desktop Virtualization Technical Briefing with Citrix, Microsoft, AppSense and more key ISV’s

Learn the difference between just throwing in a VDI solution, and designing a true Desktop & Application Delivery Architecture. Learn why most VDI projects fail, and the best practices that will show a solid ROI to your CFO/CIO.

Don’t try to bolt-on a Frankenstein solution, – come hear from our team of technical experts. You’ll also experience a great networking opportunity to meet your peers, and learn from their projects as well. Some questions we will help you answer…

* Why is desktop virtualization different than server virtualization
* Is VDI the same thing as Desktop or Application Delivery (hint: it is not)
* What architecture/designs are available
* What are the SAN requirements for Desktop Delivery
* How do you handle user profiles
* How is printing different with virtual desktops or Terminal Services
* When do you use Terminal Server based Application Delivery versus Desktop Delivery (or both)
* What licensing is needed from each manufacturer to implement a solid desktop virtualization architecture

A solid line up of technical presenters; from Microsoft, Citrix, AppSense, and AGSI coming to a city near you…

10/27/09 – Raleigh, NC

10/28/09 – Charlotte, NC

10/29/09 – Charleston, SC

More details:

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Wednesday, 28 October 2009

VMware vSphere

The Best Platform for Enabling the Journey to Cloud Computing

VMware vSphere is the next evolutionary step in IT computing; enabling customers to bring the power of cloud computing to their IT infrastructures. Building on the power of VMware Infrastructure, VMware vSphere dramatically reduces capital and operating costs, and increases control over IT infrastructures while preserving the flexibility to choose any OS, application and hardware.

  • Maximize application throughput and operational efficiency
  • Increase control through service level automation
  • Empower IT departments with choice
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Learn more about VMware vSphere

VMware vCenter AppSpeed

Manage the Performance of Virtualized Multi-Tier Applications

Guarantee performance SLAs to the business and perform "Assured Migrations" as you measure performance both before and after virtualizing an application. VMware vCenter AppSpeed inspects traffic flowing over the vSwitch, discovers and maps the environment, monitors performance against SLAs and enables root cause analysis.

  • Application Discovery and Mapping
  • Performance and SLA Monitoring
  • Root Cause Analysis
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Learn more about VMware vCenter AppSpeed

VMware vCenter Chargeback

Model, Measure and Assign Costs Associated with Virtual Machines

Get accurate cost measurement, analysis and reporting with VMware vCenter Chargeback, part of the VMware family of management products. Create cost transparency and accountability so business owners and IT can understand the actual cost of the virtual infrastructure required to support business services.

  • Chargeback Hierarchy Management
  • Cost Configuration
  • Data Collection
  • Cost Analysis and Reporting
  • Management Interfaces
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Learn more about VMware vCenter Chargeback

VMware vCenter Lab Manager

Model, Measure and Assign Costs Associated with Virtual Machines

Provide on-demand access and automated management of the internal cloud for dev/test with VMware vCenter Lab Manager. Application owners, development, QA, and training teams can deploy, capture and share multi-tier application environments in seconds while IT remains in administrative control. Lab Manager saves time, simplifies administration of fast changing environments and enables project teams to get to market faster.

  • Self-Service Portal
  • Image Library
  • Organizations
  • Enterprise Scalability
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Learn more about VMware vCenter Lab Manager

VMware View

Take Control of Your Desktops with the Next Generation of VDI

Deliver rich, personalized virtual desktops to any device with all the benefits of centralized management. The VMware Viewportfolio of products lets IT run virtual desktops in the data center while giving end users a single view of all their applications and data in a familiar, personalized environment on any device at any location. Get greater flexibility, reliability, efficiency and security managing desktops and applications from the data center.

  • Lower costs by centralizing management, administration and resources
  • Increase security by moving data from desktop devices into the data center
  • Improve business agility with faster provisioning and user flexibility with universal access
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Learn more about VMware View

VMware Site Recovery Manager

Deliver Manageable and Automated Disaster Recovery

Accelerate recovery and ensure successful recovery by automating the recovery process and eliminating the complexity of managing and testing recovery plans. VMware vCenter Site Recovery Manager eliminates complex manual recovery steps and removes the risk and worry from disaster recovery.
  • Decrease planned and unplanned downtime for improved business continuity.
  • Protect all of your important systems and applications with disaster recovery.
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Learn more about VMware Site Recovery Manager

VMware Infrastructure 3

Transform IT Infrastructure with Enterprise-Class Virtualization

Decrease planned and unplanned downtime for improved business continuity. Protect all of your important systems and applications with disaster recovery. Create a self-optimizing IT infrastructure today with the most widely deployed virtual infrastructure suite. VMware Infrastructure 3, a virtual data center operating system, unifies discrete hardware resources to create a shared dynamic platform, while delivering built-in availability, security and scalability to applications.

  • Reduce IT costs and improve flexibility with server consolidation
  • Decrease downtime and improve reliability with business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Run fewer servers and dynamically power down unused servers - create a green data center
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Learn more about VMware Infrastructure

Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Online backups

Desktop Network systems Ltd, in collaboration with Safe Data Storage Limited (SDSL), a highly reputable and well established UK based company can now offer to professional, corporate and business clients a secure, safe and reliable Online Data Backup & Storage facility.
Why Offsite Backup? Free 30-Day Trial
Not only is it difficult and costly for business to achieve secure, reliable and guaranteed backups in-house, it also intrudes on your businesses core activities, and the majority of staff treat it as a low priority. The personnel costs of in-house backup can be high, and in most cases are highly underestimated.

Desktop Network Systems and Safe Data Storage Ltd removes the critical level reliance on human intervention by constantly storing your data in a secure, offsite environment with immediate access for restoration of data when required.

The data is seamlessly transferred using its pre-defined scheduler, whilst being confined to fixed, secure connections to remove any risk to your company’s valuable information.
Once implemented Desktop Network Systems and Safe Data Storage Ltd ensures complete data security.
Your data is encrypted both locally and while in transmission across the Internet to our secure bank of highly specified data storage units. The data remains your property at all times.

An allocated security code allows only you, the holder access to your data.

Once the backup has been received by our first set of storage units, a copy is immediately transmitted via a secure link to our second bank of servers in a separate location, where it is backed up on disk.

            All data is fully encrypted prior to leaving your computer.
            Transfer is secure and our servers are protected using the latest technologies.
            Our small software application runs on your computer.
            No training or extensive IT knowledge necessary.
            Wizard guided backup configuration.
            Automated Schedule Plus "backup & shutdown" facility.
            Easy retrieval of data & files, anytime, anywhere.
            We will honestly advise you as to what data you need to backup.
            All backups monitored.
            Unlimited technical support.
            Comprehensive reporting.
            Backup & restore 24/7.
                        Web management facilities.
Your most recent backup is available at all times for immediate restore, whether in its original location or transmitted to a separate server or office of your choice
Free 30 Day Trial