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Tuesday, 3 May 2011

The One Mistake You MUST Avoid

Do Not Let The Publisher Write Your Ad! Every time I ask a frustrated, overworked business owner, who wrote this ad? I can almost guess the response… “Oh the advertising rep from the paper wrote it and laid it out for me” Now that’s the recipe for wasting all your advertising money! It drives me insane…let me explain
Firstly, If you believe that they care for a minute about your ad generating sales, unfortunately you are mistaken! What they care about is selling advertising space, because that is what they are paid for. Next thing they will do is appeal to your EGO: they will ask you to provide a big photo of your business or product. Then they will slap a massive big logo in there to ensure your brand will get the right exposure:Sounds familiar? They will lay it out and if you are lucky they will throw in a few bullet points about what you do and how good you are. Now this is a good ad right? WRONG!
So why do they do this? Why should they not care about the sales turnover your ad generates? Simply because they won’t have to think about your ad and your message, and it’s the fastest way to process you. Plus it makes their publication look bright and colorful. Now open the paper and look at the ads, and ask yourself how many people will stop to read them…The truth is publisher executives only get paid for selling advertising space, and chances are that if they were paid a commission on sales generated (money in your bank) they would probably go out of business, or else they would start putting more effort into your message to your target clientele.
Don’t fall into this trap! If you hear a publisher say “You must run the ad for long enough before you can expect to get results” you should see the red flags waving in front of your eyes! Think of Einstein’s definition for insanity, and more importantly think of your dollars pouring down the drain…
So, what should you do? WRITE THE AD YOURSELF! Or get someone who cares about your business and knows about effective ad copy writing. Always be aware that the purpose of your ad is to bring more enquiries that will ultimately bring more sales and profits to your business. If your ad doesn’t bring back 400% of its value in gross profit, you should seriously consider other marketing strategies, and there is no shortage of them!
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