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Saturday, 27 October 2012

Do you feel shortchanged? iPad4

Some Apple Stores will allow UK customers trade in their existing iPad 3 for the new iPad 4 if they have purchased it in the last 30 days from an Apple retail store.

Apple left some of its customers disgruntled on Tuesday when it launched the new iPad 4 unexpectedly, resulting in some venting their frustration on Twitter.

This is what the Mad Hatter thinks which is my own view on this "What's up with Apple releasing iPad 4 just 6 months after I bought the 'new iPad'? I think they'll lose a lot of goodwill for this upgrade."
But hey that's just me.

Any way back to the news!!!!

However, some Apple Stores are offering customers the opportunity to trade in their third generation iPad for a new iPad 4.

Apple staff in its Birmingham, Aberdeen and Kingston stores confirmed to ZDNet that they were aware of the new policy, while Manchester and Cardiff store workers said they were not aware of the deal.

The Birmingham shop assistant said customers could also trade in their iPad 2 for an iPad 4. However, Apple has not responded to a request for confirmation.

The new iPad 4 (Wi-Fi only model) can be pre-ordered from Friday and will be available in all 35 UK stores from 2 November with prices starting at £399 for a 16GB model. However, the 4G version will not go on sale until a later date.

The fourth-generation iPad comes only seven months after the iPad 3 was released in March.

It has he same 9.7-inch retina display as the iPad 3 but includes an A6X processor, which Apple said doubles the processing and graphics perfomance. It also comes with a next generation ISP (image stabilisation processor), 10-hour battery life and a HD 720p camera for FaceTime. The new iPad is the first to be charged by Apple's Lightning connector.

Alongside the new iPad, Apple also launched the iPad Mini, Mac Mini, iMac, and the MacBook Pro 13 with retina display.

Well that's it from me the Mad Hatter (Follow That Man)

Have Apple rocked the Apple Cart!!!!!!

Hey It the Mad Hatter again well what can i say what will Apple do next and are they going to run out of steam!! And what's this other ipad all about. THE iPad4!!!
Hey iPad 3 users you must be steaming like a demon right now!!!!!

Stay tuned to The Mad Hatter for comments!!!
So here's the tech

Apple loves to tout display tech improvements, since having top-notch screens is one of the key benefits of all of Apple's gear, from the iPod touch all the way up to the Retina MacBook Pros. So it's safe to bet the new iPad 4 screen is the same on the third-gen iPad that came out in March of this year.

It's got a 2048x1536 resolution, at 264 pixels per inch, and IPS technology makes it easy to see from wide angles. You can hold this new iPad nearly flat before the display becomes hard to see.

The front and rear cameras on the new iPad are the same as before, but the A6X chip has improved the image signal processing, adding support for facial recognition and image stabilization. We couldn't test this camera side-by-side against an iPad 3's, but the facial recognition worked as it should on the iPad 4, automatically finding faces as we composed our shots and keeping them in focus.
The Lightning port, if you haven't seen it on the iPhone 5 yet, is laughably slim compared to the honking 30-pin port it replaces. A Lightning connector is tiny but feels sturdy, and can be inserted either way. So you never find yourself trying to shove it in the wrong way, and you never feel the metal-on-metal crunch of pins when connecting.
It clicks into place smoothly and is held by tiny clips, strong enough to support the new iPad's weight.

Apple also rolled out Lightning versions of the popular iPad adaptors and accessories. Lightning to VGA adapter for projectors is £39, and so is the Lightning Digital AV Adaptor, which has an HDMI port.
For connecting cameras, the Lightning to USB Camera Adaptor and Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader are sold separately - you used to get both in one package for 30-pin iPads, the iPad Camera Connection Kit. Finally, if you want to use your old 30-pin cables to charge and sync your iPad 4, the Lightning to 30-pin adaptor is £25.
The other upgrade is the wireless connectivity, and it seems minor but should make a considerable difference. All the iPads get dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi, using the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands for less interference for other devices without losing any range.
Plus, since the new iPad 4 can use both channels at once, you can get theoretical speeds of up to 150Mbps - faster than most Wi-Fi networks you'll encounter anyway.

New iPad 4 release date

Like the iPad mini, the new iPad 4 can be ordered on October 26 for delivery on November 2. And, 4G-enabled models will ship a few weeks later at the end of November.

Early verdict

If you just upgraded your iPad in the spring, don't worry that you're missing much with this bump in the new iPad 4. We know a lot of people will feel betrayed, having thought they were getting the best Apple has to offer for at least a year - but that shouldn't cause that much consternation.
However, if you're still using an iPad 2 or an original iPad, it's a significant step up, and still brings all the same Apple bells, whistles and whizz bang whoosh that most have come to expect from the Cupertino's most popular tablet.