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Friday, 26 August 2011

The Steve Jobs story Apple

Hi All Well i am a big fan of Apple and the products so forgive for this artitle.
I have most Apple products and we at DNS-DIRECT are sad to see Steve Jobs go But the products are still great so here is the story of Steve Jobs.
Big Thank you to Computer Weekly
The Mad Hatter

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Stress Free Professionals Branding

Hi All I just had to tell about this great company that help me. If you are looking for Stress Free Professionals Branding For your company contact Yvonne Cheung at Cobaltblue. or Email
There work is great and their service is fast and friendly and you will be inspired.

This is Vince Bailey AKA (The Mad Hatter) DNS-DIRECT Promoting Great Nottingham Companies.
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Wednesday, 24 August 2011

How green IT can help develop skills in the right areas

Hi All  just a little taster on how Green IT can help your company in many ways.
The Mad Hatter.

In 2010, a global survey of business leaders revealed that, despite a challenging economic environment, organisations were continuing, and even increasing activity on climate change and sustainability (see panel below)

Climate change programmes
• Over two thirds of organisations already had a climate change programme in place
• The top driver of these programmes was energy costs, closely followed by changes in customer demand and new revenue opportunities.
• 70% of organisations planned to increase their spend on climate change and sustainability between 2010 and 2012; top investments listed were investing in energy efficiency, development of new products and services, and transparency in corporate reporting.
Yet it was clear from comments and responses from survey participants that, despite clear business drivers, increasing budgets and planned initiatives, organisations were struggling with execution.

Sustainability has a key role to play in the economic recovery and the future, not simply in response to global or national regulations but also to revenue opportunities and customer demand, and to be competitive in emerging and developing markets.

Bringing sustainability and IT together via green IT has already achieved some notable successes. One example is that of the search for significant and immediate costs savings during the recession. This accelerated the adoption of new technologies to enable virtual meetings and collaboration, to reduce large travel costs. Many organisations captured tangible and measurable business value delivered by those investments in cost savings and contribution to sustainability targets. And these benefits resulted directly from collaboration between business and IT on sustainable IT-enabled business processes.

Those organisations which have already recognised the business potential and imperative of climate change and sustainability, and have a programme in place, should revisit their plans now to take stock, review the business drivers and objectives, and set objectives and targets. Those who have only targeted easily obtainable goals, silo'd activities or who have not even started a programme, should seize the opportunity to establish one or progress their current project as a clear opportunity to reduce costs, enhance reputation and exploit growth opportunities.

IT's role in this is not only to meet sustainability targets where it has direct control but, more importantly, to enable and accelerate the business response to meet its targets.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Malicious spam surge marks bot reconstruction

Hi All just an update for keep your spam settings there is lots of bad stuff going about. Mac user don't need to worry as much, just bin it but keep an eye on you mail disk space as you could end up filling your mailboxes.

The Mad Hatter

A sharp rise in malicious spam has been detected during the last two weeks, marking what some experts believe is an attempt by hackers to rebuild their depleted botnet armies.

We think [spammers] are mounting a big summer campaign, where they’ll ... get back to having their big botnet armies ready for their autumn offensive.

Ed Rowley, Senior Product Manager, M86 Security

The sudden spike in malicious spam traffic that prompted the botnet security alert was picked up by M86 Security, a vendor specialising in email and Web security, at the beginning of August when it accounted for 13% of all detected spam. “Since then it has reached 24% and it has increased as the month has progressed,” said Ed Rowley, senior product manager at M86 Security.

Rodel Medrez, a researcher with M86, wrote on his blog that “we have observed a huge surge of malicious spam which far exceeds anything we have seen over the past two years, including prior to the Spamit takedown last October.” He added that the majority of the malicious spam comes from the Cutwail botnet, with some also contributed by Festi and Asprox, two other botnets.

Total spam is still well below the levels seen two years ago, following the disbandment of several large botnets. For instance, according to the Symantec MessageLabs Intelligence report in April 2011, global spam fell to 72.9% of total Internet traffic in the aftermath of the Rustock botnet takedown in March.

But Rowley said this month’s rise in malware-based spam shows the spammers, eager to rebuild their businesses, are starting to fight back.

“With all the high-profile arrests and closing down of spam networks, we have seen spam decline over the last two years,” he said. “Now we think this is a resurgence where the malware is aimed at infecting as many machines as possible, and to rebuild those botnets.”

He said the new campaign is probably timed deliberately to reach people when they are on holiday and away from the protection of their corporate networks. “People are more likely to be checking email from home, where they have less protection than they do from their corporate gateways,” he said.

Rowley said that most of the malicious attachments, which may purport to be an invoice or a note from a delivery company, come in the form of a compressed ZIP archive containing a Trojan that downloads additional malware including fake AV, SpyEye and the spambot itself.

“We think they are mounting a big summer campaign, where they’ll maybe make some money selling fake AV, but also get back to having their big botnet armies ready for their autumn offensive,” he said. “Spam is still cheap and requires very little effort. They play the percentage game.”

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Just chilling

Great little track.
Audiences all over the continent have been falling for Caro’s sepia-tinged melodic take on life. 'Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor' and its various singles have been topping airplay charts all over Europe, while in the UK, Caro has been embraced by radio. BBC Radio 2 made 'Riviera Life' and 'Deleted Scenes...' Single and Album of The Week respectively. In Poland, the album is already double platinum (>40.000). In Germany, ‘A Night Like This’ and the album are storming the charts as we speak.
The Mad hatter

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Best practices for Windows 7 migration

Hi all just some info about windows 7 which we all seem to be moving towards. It seems that this is the better OS of Microsoft.

The Mad Hatter

About This Vendor Webcast 

Windows 7 is certain to be the dominating OS for nearly every computing environment in the near future. In fact, many organizations have already completed a successful migration. But for those who are not familiar with the best strategies, migration can be a difficult exercise.Access this exclusive webcast for deep insight into the migration processes and discover some essential best practices for your Windows 7 migration, including:
  • Performing application inventories
  • Choosing the right systems management tools
  • Supporting the imaging process
  • And more
Just follow the link the webcast is about 60 Mins.